Heroes Magazine

Seit Ende 2007 gibt es endlich das offizielle Heroes Magazin. Hier findet ihr diverse Informationen rund die Ausgaben der Magazine. Da es das Magazin vorerst nur in der englischen Original-Fassung gibt, werden die Informationen hier auch der Original-Informationen entsprechend und zwar auf englisch.

Magazin No.1

Release Datum: 20. November 2007

Issue Spotlight

Meet The Cast

The cheerleader, the politician, the painter, the single mom. Many would agree that it’s the characters that make Heroes the show that it is – and names like Hiro Nakamura and Peter Petrelli are now on everybody’s lips. We profile the Heroes, with a little help from the actors who play them, in this red-hot premiere issue!

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Magazin No.2

Release Datum: 10. Januar 2008

Issue Spotlight

Hiro Of The Hour

Masi Oka talks to Heroes Magazine! His iconic character Hiro Nakamura has teleported across the world, travelled back to 17th Century Japan, and got into plenty of adventures along the way. He’s having the time of his life, and the same can be said for the lively Oka! The busy actor discusses all things Heroes and Hiro in this issue.

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Magazin No.3

Release Datum: 18. März 2008

Issue Spotlight

Tim Sale

Comic-book artist Tim Sale provides the visual world of Heroes with one on its most striking elements the prophetic artwork of heroin addict Isaac Mendez. In this issue of Heroes Magazine, we speak to Sale about his brilliant work he reveals his favorite pieces and tells us how he got the Heroes gig.

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